Our Mission
The Ladies of Charity of the Diocese of Knoxville’s primary mission is providing service to the poor. The areas of special focus are emergency assistance and requests for food, clothing, housing and medical needs with an emphasis on the care of infants. Its secondary mission is to encourage the development of a sense of community within the membership and to provide opportunities for the spiritual nourishment of the members of the association. In humility, charity and love, the Ladies of Charity serve Christ.

Since our Knoxville beginnings in wartime 1942 and through the 70 years into 2012, the Ladies of Charity (LOC) has consistently addressed the immediate, that is, the emergency needs of the underserved, unemployed and underemployed regardless of race, creed, color, or country of origin.  We provided over 56,000 free services in 2012, a 24% increase over the previous year. 42% of those served were children.  LOC’s services iLOC bldg with signnclude food, clothing, kerosene for heating fuel, medication, utilities, rent, infants, newborn layettes, new housing/apt startup kits, and personal care and hygiene items. The costs for all of these services increased 15% when compared to 2011.  These offerings are available every week day and our clients’ needs are skillfully and compassionately discerned by our Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) interviewers and EAP Manager.  With 80% of our financial EAP disbursements going for food, over 203,000 meals were provided! Over 180 volunteers donated over 30,300 hours!

People cannot make long-term changes in their lives until their basic needs are met. And at Ladies of Charity we try to aid their journey with immediate short-term assistance.


“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa