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2012-3-26 Sorting ClothingAt Ladies of Charity in Knoxville we operate mostly with volunteers and are always in need of more.  There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at Ladies of Charity:  Sort, bag and stock food; sew for or help assemble layettes;  Thrift Shop cashier; sort, price and display housewares.  Prepare and send greeting cards.  Work on fundraisers, Write grants, Solicit new members,  Help assemble Easter Baskets, Help sort, price and display Halloween items.  Help sort and price and display Christmas items.  Help sort, repair and price electronics.  Help sort, price and display toys and or books.  Help sort, price and display or box clothing, sort and price linens, help with publicity.  In the Intake area receive donations, sort and distribute to various departments.  Help at the clothing voucher counter, Emergency assistance receptionist, Emergency assistance interviewer, plus there are organizational type things to help with website, computers, writing letters, helping plan events, just about any interest.  We can find something for you to help us with.2013-1-15 guys putting up new shelves

There are opportunities for men as well.  On occasion we may have a need for repairing furniture donated, minor plumbing repairs, haul clothing to missions, transport food collections from churches to pantry, make sure appliances are working and/or help with furniture donation pick ups, to name a few.

As you can see opportunities abound to help out whether you can do a couple hours a month to volunteering several times a month we can use you.  We hope you’ll consider helping in some way.

Current Immediate Needs for Volunteers

Thrift Shop Opportunities

2011-3-21 Opening Day 1st Customer* Cashier – any day Monday through Saturday (3 1/2 hour shift)
* Sort, price and hang clothing – any day Monday through Saturday (3 1/2 hour shift)
* Help clients with vouchers for free clothing – any day Monday through Friday  (3 1/2 hour shift)

To volunteer and schedule orientation for Thrift Shop Opportunities email us.

Emergency Assistance/Food Pantry Opportunities

* Receptionist – any day Monday through Friday 2011-7-27 Food Pantry(2 1/2 hour shift)
* Bagging groceries for clients (2 1/2 hour shift)
* Interview Clients (2 1/2 hour shift)

Open Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 1:15 pm
To volunteer and schedule for orientation and training in these areas email us.



Warehouse Store Intake Opportunities
2013-1-15 New shelves* Greet donors and accept donations from donors and then distribute to appropriate areas in the Warehouse – any day Monday – Saturday (3 1/2 hour shift)

Open Monday – Saturday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

To volunteer and schedule for orientation and training in these areas email us.

We continue to need new volunteers!  Have you thought about volunteering, but not yet done so?  If you already volunteer, do you have a friend that might be interested in spending extra time with you, helping out at Ladies of Charity?  With the increased traffic in all areas, we welcome having two (or more) volunteers at many areas in the building.  Please let us know if you would like to help out and we will work to assure the right fit for your interests and available time.

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