Emergency Assistance Program

The Emergency Assistance Program of the Ladies of Charity provides services to those in need. The emergency assistance office is staffed by trained personnel who interview clients and skillfully and compassionately discern their needs and requests.

Ladies of Charity also helps newborns by providing layettes (a gift bag of new clothing, bottles, blankets and newborn diapers). Babies three months and older and toddlers are provided formula, baby food, diapers and baby wipes.

The emergency assistance program provides a three day supply of food, clothing items, and personal hygiene items (when available). Assistance is also provided for utilities (KUB), kerosene for heating, rent and medications. (We do not provide assistance with any pain medications or mood altering drugs.)

On their first visit, clients must have their Social Security Card along with a government picture ID and a Social Security Card for each person for whom they are requesting services. On subsequent visits, cleints must have a picture ID for themselves and knowledge of the last four digits of the SS number of EACH person they are requesting services for. Clients can receive food six times per year waiting thirty days between visits. Clothing requests are honored four times a year, with a ninety day wait between visits.

Emergency Assistance hours are 9:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday – Friday. For questions call 474-9348.